Name Li-May - Meaning and origin

Name Li-May - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This name is composed of the word Li which means "jasmine" and May which is the diminutive of Mary in the Chinese language.


Li-May Chew is the Associate Director of IDC Financial Insights, a company that evaluates the shares of insurance companies in Asia-Pacific.
Professor Li May Sung teaches Linguistics at the National Taiwan University.

His character :

Li-May is a smiling and sociable woman who has excellent relationships with those around her. Although she appreciates calm and tranquility, she is nonetheless a communicative being. A diplomat by nature, she is often asked by her family to settle disputes. His objectivity and altruism will surely lead him to a brilliant career in the field of mediation or justice.
As a child, Li-May shows a great generosity that amazes those around him. However, it will gradually lose this quality over time. Nevertheless, she will keep her kindness and empathy intact. These will become the most endearing traits of his personality.
Despite his boundless imagination, Li-May always finds the right balance between dreams and reality. This great visionary will implement promising projects that will attract many investors. Despite his difficulty getting up to fail, Li-May still finds a way out. His courage and determination seem to stand up to any challenge.
A natural conformist, Li-May is one who thinks a woman is only for her husband. She will leave few men in her life and will enter marriage soon enough. She will blossom perfectly in the role of wife and mother.


There is no derivative of the name Li-May.

His party :

Li-May is honored on November 16 and August 15.

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