Name Hila - Meaning and origin

Name Hila - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Indians

Meaning of the name:

The Hebrew name "Hila" translates as "praise" or sometimes "halo".
In Hindu dialects, the term "hila" means "shy".


German singer and songwriter Hila Bronstein, released by "Popstars".
The world-renowned sopranos Hila Plitmann, Hila Fahima and Hila Baggio.
The actress and Israeli model Hila Shai.

His character :

Anxious and particularly emotional, Hila constantly searches for the company of her fellow men. Rather pragmatic, this sensitive woman is sometimes overwhelmed by her idealistic side and dreamer. However, its realistic side wins every day. As a result, she most often presents herself as a hard worker. It also has great determination and the strength of character needed to carry out major projects. On the other hand, Hila has a very active imagination. It begins to undertake many large projects requiring great sacrifices. Although she is passionate and patient, the result of her efforts rarely meets her aspirations. During these difficult times, his imagination helps him endure reality. She tends to take refuge in her daydreams in the face of adversity and various assaults from the outside world.

Because of her emotional temperament, Hila is generally drawn to music, poetry and graphic arts. If she decides to move towards these areas, her fertile imagination will be her greatest asset. During her childhood, Hila embodies the image of the fragile and very wise little girl. It is quite easy to manage this person soft, frank and slightly capricious. However, his entourage must avoid exposing him to an atmosphere full of hostility. It may indeed close on itself and it will be particularly difficult to make it sociable later.


Hilal, Hilell and Hillel.

His party :

The Hila are celebrated on September 30th.

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