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Loona Meaning - Origin and Names

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Loona, a girl's name most commonly written "Luna", finds its roots in Greek mythology. Indeed, Luna is the Greek and Roman goddess of the moon. In some cultures, Loona is a favored name for those born under the sign of cancer, an astrological sign governed by the moon.
In the old Germanic, Loona or "Leuna" means "love".


Marie-José van der Kolk, better known by her stage name Loona, is a famous Dutch dancer and singer.
The actress Anne Decis embodies the character "Luna Torres / Cazals" in the television series over-media "Plus belle la vie".

Selene, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, sister of Helios and Eos was, in Greek mythology, the goddess of the moon, who was nicknamed "Luna" by the Romans.

His character :

The Loonas are women of character. They know what they want and do not hesitate to take risks to get it. The Loonas have a creative and excellent spirit in the art of expressing themselves. They have an overflowing imagination. From an early age, these women are attracted by beauty, art and refinement. They like to enjoy their life and thrive in joy and good mood. Loonas, very energetic and dynamic in nature, tend to be involved in many activities at once, but have no trouble channeling their attention.



His party :

There is no known party for this name.

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