Name Hisaé - Meaning of origin

Name Hisaé - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Etymologically, the feminine given name "Hisaé" means "resistance", "longevity" or "the one who will live long".


The Japanese fighter Hisae Watanabe, expert in mixed martial arts and kickboxing.

His character :

Thanks to his strong personality, Hisaé stands out naturally from his peers. In society, she likes to attract attention and wants to continuously please. Because of its authoritarian side, it often seems tyrannical and frightening. However, she reveals herself attentive, sweet and charming with those around her. Egacious and slightly materialistic, Hisaë does not hesitate to seduce to achieve his ends. Moreover, its natural magnetism makes it really irresistible. This patient woman is also able to make sustained efforts to achieve her goals. She demonstrates a remarkable commitment to an important project in her eyes. This aspect of his personality allows him to be particularly successful in the business world. However, without her surroundings, Hisaé can become a ruthless, if not unscrupulous, businesswoman. Indeed, this selfish person is devoid of empathy and ignores the meaning of the word sharing.

During his childhood, Hisaé is possessive, jealous and susceptible. This impulsive girl likes to try all kinds of activities and push the limits. Moreover, she feels a malicious pleasure to annoy her relatives. She is ready to chain transgressions if necessary. Therefore, the parents of this little insolent must avoid overreaction to his pranks. Above all, he must instill in him a sense of responsibility and respect for others and their possessions.


Isae, Hisa, Hisahichi, Hisahiko, Hisahiro and Hisaichiro.

His party :

Hisaé has no known feast in the calendar.

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