Name Émelyne - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The Nordic first name "Emelyne" is most often translated as "hardworking person" or "enthusiastic person". By extension, this feminine given name also means "the one who can take care of everything".


The actress Emelyne Museaux presents notably in The Yellow Diet (2013) and Lines (2014).
Emeline Michel famous singer considered the queen of the Haitian scene.

His character :

Driven by ambition, Émelyne shows a lot of courage and unwavering willingness to serve her interests. Melancholic, nervous and angry, this woman is especially noticeable by her persistent bad mood. Moreover, she has no solidarity spirit and needs a real motivation to get involved in a project. In other words, his relatives will have to show him his short or long term advantages in a project before addressing him. If so, she will lose interest in the subject quickly enough. In addition, Émelyne has a weakness for material goods and external signs of wealth. If her interlocutor knows how to take her by feelings using the right motto, this resourceful woman will be efficient and determined. Because of its slightly calculating side, Emelyne is perfect for the business world. In addition, she has confidence to spare, has a developed intuition as well as increased insight. With her fiery temperament and her intellectual qualities, this strong woman will never be allowed to walk on her feet.

This person with a great imagination tends to exaggerate insignificant events. Supported by her excellent memory, she can thus be very resentful for a minor fact forgotten by those around her. His relatives will have to pay attention to their deeds and actions so as not to face reproaches later. For her parents, Emelyne presents herself as a girl rather hard to manage. Indeed, she is intelligent, possessive, sensitive and slightly tyrannical. Admittedly, she will have no trouble facing the harsh reality of life because of her strength of character, but it is better to calm down a little. Thus, you will gradually teach him sharing, patience and respect for others.


Emelyne, Émel, Émélie, Émelia, Émeline, Emlyn, Emélina and Emelia.

His party :

The Émelyne Day is celebrated on October 27th.

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