Moira pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Moira pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Hebrews, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Moira is an Irish female given name of Hebraic origin.

Moira comes from the Hebrew terms Mar meaning "drop" and Yam meaning "sea".

According to other linguistic sources, Moira also comes from another Hebrew term, Myriam, meaning "seer", or "lady".


Moira Cameron, first woman guardian of the Tower of London, Moira Kelly, American actress, Moira Lister, actress and British writer, Moira Shearer (1926-2006), actress and Scottish dancer.

His character :

Moira is a child full of life, demonstrative and affectionate. Strongly attached to her family, she is very sensitive to the influence of her parents. When stimulated by a family atmosphere, Moira is responsible, independent and full of good will. Sociable and radiant with joy, Moira goes against others with ease. Driven by her desire to please, she puts her natural charm and spontaneity in the spotlight. Moira is clever in the art of rallying others to her cause. Feeling understood, she will be all the more enthusiastic, kind and helpful. Moira knows what she wants and gives herself all the means to obtain it, that it is necessary to use the charm or the force, a sacred character!


Moirah, Myriam, Myriem and Moïra are just some of the variations in the name Moira.

His party :

Moira celebrates August 15th with Marie

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