Name Nadia - Meaning of origin

Name Nadia - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From Russian nadesjda, "hope" and variant of Nâdiya, name of Arab origin meaning generous. Nadia is the Slavic diminutive of Nadège. It was also the name of Lenin's wife. This is probably why it spread so quickly in Europe. Nadja is also the title of a famous novel by the surrealist author André Breton.


Irish model, singer and actress Nadia Forde, French-Moroccan humorist and actress Nadia Roz, Pakistan-American singer-songwriter Nadia Ali, Romanian-born gymnast Nadia Com─âneci and Moroccan singer Nadia Ayoub.

His character :

Nadia has a strong personality, but is also sensitive and altruistic. These human qualities often push her to want to make the world a better place where all will be equal. With a great imagination and creative talent, it is made for the fields of art. Sweet and sensitive, Nadia is very sensitive. She is a sweet and endearing person who only dreams of pleasing others.


Nadège, Nadine, Nadja, Nadette, Nadiana.

His party :

The Nadia are celebrated on September 18th.

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