Hosni Meaning - Origin and Names

Hosni Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Of Arabic origin, the name Hosni means "virtuous, naturally beautiful".


Muhammad Hosni Mubarak is a statesman and the fourth president of Egypt.
Hosni Benslimane is a US Army Corps General and Commander of the Royal Moroccan Mounted Police.
Hosni Abd Rabo Abdel Mottaleb Ibrahim is an international footballer from Egypt.

His character :

Bubbling with energy, Hosni is constantly on the alert. As a perfect man of action, he is very active and breathes out those who want to follow him. Ambitious and voluntary, he demonstrates a remarkable speed of execution. This hard-working man likes to devote himself more than anything else to his professional life. At first glance, he appears as a strong, diligent and trustworthy person. Of a stubborn character, he likes to dominate others. At the same time, Hosni is a great possessive. It is for this reason that he sometimes seems proud and arrogant. He is not very tolerant and thinks he holds the truth.

Despite his strong irritability, Hosni knows how to be pleasant and sociable. This sociable side, however, depends on circumstances. Hosni is also a curious being stimulated by adventure and novelty, whether professionally or sentimentally. Sensitive and romantic, he is always looking for tenderness and affection. With a sense of friendship developed, it stands out as a solid shoulder on which to rely in case of need. On the other hand, he prefers to be less responsible for others. The sense of responsibility and duty is indeed lacking. Hosni tends to question everything, living for himself and not for others.



His party :

There is no party dedicated to people with the first name Hosni.

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