First names: the secret list of maternities

First names: the secret list of maternities

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Scoop! To everyone's surprise, three of the largest French maternity hospitals have just revealed the list of the 10 most astonishing names given since the beginning of the year. Why have kept the secret until then? A wind of complacency seems to blow on the civil status ... no question of seeing too many parents rush into the breach. We tell you everything!

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First names: the secret list of maternity homes (10 photos)


An Instagram filter name for a baby? There were only geeky parents and fans of this app to dare! An original choice, but let's face it better than Perpetua or X-Pro II. Is it a girl or a boy? For now, nothing has filtered ...

Jill and Jon

Jill and Jon! Speak up ... does it speak to you? Parents of twins in the Hauts de France decided to call their boys in support of the movement of yellow vests. Future protesters?


If Fraise had been refused by the civil status in 2015, it is a small Freizh who just saw the day ... in Brittany! The young mother was inspired by her Breton origins of course but also by her frequent strawberry cravings throughout her pregnancy. The phrase to avoid: "Bring back your strawberry, Freizh!"


It seems that the parents of a small village in Auvergne had not drunk only water when choosing the name of their little boy. Their choice fell on Spritz, name of an Italian aperitif currently in vogue with us. The phrase to avoid: "You drank me, Spritz!"


Since the North region was renamed Hauts-de-France, several small Aude-France have emerged in this region. It's Ch'ti not pretty as a name?

Ludivine Child

Trend coming from across the Atlantic, many young parents give their baby their own name, followed by the mention Junior, or just Child. The phrase to avoid: "She was born, Ludivine Child!"


Following a seemingly serious rumor that the US company Pampers offered a lifetime endowment of diapers and other products of the same brand to any parent who would name her baby Pampers, the name has soared in maternity hospitals. The phrase to avoid: "Now you're lying down, Pampers."


Fashion effect or tendency to follow, it is now necessary to associate the name of the baby with that of his big brother or big sister. So a little Eve has a big brother Adam, Hardy came to join Laurel. The maternities have recorded several Gromit, little brothers of Wallace. Name of a dog !


They dared! Nantais parents baptized their son Minion in tribute to the adorable (!) Small creatures of the cartoon. The reason ? Their baby suffered from an aggravated jaundice at birth. At first reluctant, the registrar was finally moved. Too cute, right?


A first name ? No, an admission ... SPA as April Fool's Scoop that the writing of Our family and Child has concocted! You may have a little doubt, but all these names have not (yet) emerged. Failing to have inspired you for the name of your future baby, they will have at least made you smile, we hope!