First Names: The History and Trends

First Names: The History and Trends

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L'Officiel des prénoms, 2016 edition, was released on October 15th. This year, full of surprises in this "Bible" parents looking for a name for their future baby. Louise and Leo come to dethrone Emma and Nathan and little new girls and boys come in.

  • The Official of the first names, it is the Bible of the parents in search of a name for baby. Each year, he publishes the list of the most awarded first names in France, as well as the trends to come. Here are the news 2017.
  • In girls, Louise confirms her first place last year. Lilou, Eva, Adèle leave the charts. Lucie and Julia make their entry.
    (see the top 20 girls 2017).
  • As for boys, Gabriel steals the show from Leo. Noah leaves the top and Paul is his entry (see the top 20 boys 2017).

Top 20 girls

Top 20 boys

  • The Official of the first names 2017, by Stéphanie Rapoport, ed. First, 19.95 e.
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