Baby rock'n roll baby names

Baby rock'n roll baby names

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Want a name full of energy for your baby? Think about rock names. Mick, Jimi, Amy, Elvis ... let yourself be carried away by the names of the rock stars!

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Rock 'n roll baby names (20 photos)


Chris ... Martin

Chris is a derivative of the Anglo Saxon name Christopher, our Christopher, of "khristos", the Christ, and "phoros", the one who carries. Christopher is also the "real" name of the leader of the alternative rock band Coldplay.

His birthday: December 23rd.

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Paul ... McCartney

Small, that is what in Latin means "paulus", the origin of the name Paul. Not very suitable for Sir Paul McCartney, former Beatles.

His birthday: June 29th.

More info about Paul.


Ozzy ... Osborne

The name of the heavy metal singer (John of his real name) is a variant of Ozzie, derived from Oswald, from the Germanic "ase", bone, and "waldan", to govern, to command.

His birthday: August 5th.

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Keith ... Richards

Rare first name and the date of unknown party, Keith is the real name of the guitarist of the Rolling Stones.

It comes from the Celtic "coed", which means wood, forest.


Nina ... Hagen

From her real name Catharina, the German singer Nina Hagen, chose a nickname of Spanish origin, "Ni? A", which means little girl. Nina can also be considered a diminutive of Anne.

His birthday: January 14th.

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Jimi ... Hendrix

The famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix was actually called James. Jimi is a diminutive, Anglo-Saxon derivative of our Jacques. A name from the Hebrew ya'aqob, "God favors".

His birthday: July 25th.

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Brian ... Jones

The name of the guitarist Rolling Stones (died in 1969) comes from the old Breton "bri", powerful, and "uual", brave. His boss united Ireland ... Brian Jones, he founded the legendary rock band before leaving in 1969, just a month before his death.

His birthday: December 18th.

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April ... Lavigne

The French-Canadian singer is named mixed and spring. April comes from the Latin "asperire", which means open or spring opening.

His birthday: October 5th with Fleur.


Vince ... Taylor

The rocker was actually called Brian Maurice Holden. Vince is a derivative of Vincent, from the Latin "vincens", past participle of the verb "vincere", to overcome. He, of American origin, conquered France in the 1960s.

His birthday: September 27th.

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Gwen ... Stefani

The name of the singer and member of the group No Doubt comes from Celtic "gwen", which means "happy" .It is a mixed first name.

His birthday: October 18th.


Ryan ... Tedder

A name of Irish origin for the singer of the group OneRepublic. Irish "rigan", his name means young king.

His birthday: December 17th.

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Deborah ... Harry

The name of the founder of Blondie comes from the Hebrew "dvora", which means bee.

His birthday: September 21st.

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Tina ... Turner

This beautiful name comes from Celtic and means pure.

His birthday: July 25th.

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David ... Bowie

From Hebrew "daoud", beloved, darling, David is the name of the king of Israel who killed the giant Philistine Goliath with his slingshot

His birthday: December 29th.

More info about David.


Elvis ... Presley

From the Germanic "adelwin", which means noble friend.

Saint Elvis was an Irish monk of the sixth century.

His birthday: October 27th.

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Mick ... Jagger

Anglo-Saxon form of Michael, the Hebrew "mika'el", who is like God.

His birthday: September 29th.

Learn more about Michel.


Jim ... Morrison

Diminutive of Jimmy, himself from James, one of the Anglo-Saxon forms of James, the Hebrew "ya'aqob", the one God favors. James was the first name of the singer of Doors.

His birthday: May 3rd.

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Janis Joplin

Janis is a mixed first name, derived from John, from Hebrew "yohanan", God forgive.

His birthday: December 27th.


Pete ... Doherty

From the Greek "petros", the rock, Pete is a diminutive Anglo-Saxon Peter, our Stone. The English rocker is also called Peter originally.

His birthday: June 29th.

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Amy ... Winehouse

Anglo-Saxon derivative of Aimée, from the Latin verb "amare" which means to love.

His birthday: September 13th.

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