Name Thierry - Meaning and origin

Name Thierry - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From the Germanic theud, "people", and rik, "powerful".
Very widespread since the fifth century in the countries of the East, in the form of Theodoric, the French version was imposed during the reign of Clovis. It knew a peak of popularity with the soap opera Thierry la Fronde, in the years 1960.


The presenter Thierry Ardisson, the stylist Thierry Mugler, the footballer Thierry Henri, the singer Thierry Pastor, the actor Thierry Lhermitte ...

Saint Thierry, son of a robber, was converted by Saint Remy on the eve of his marriage. He devoted himself to his faith and became bishop of Rheims. He died in 533 after leading a godly life and founded a monastery.

His character :

Thierry is someone whole and very rigorous from his childhood. Volunteer, he is also sometimes a bit authoritarian ... and expects a lot from others and himself. A loyal friend, he likes being surrounded and knows how to be tender and helpful with those who are close to him. You're in luck !


Thery, Thiery, Theodoric, Dietrich, Deter, Derrick, Dirk.

His party :

The Thierry are celebrated on July 1st.

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