Name Titiane - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Old, French

Meaning of the name:

Titiane comes from Latin titulus which means "title of honor".


No celebrities named Titiane, your little girl will be maybe?

Titian's patron saint is Titian, a deacon responsible for the poor in Oderzo. On the proclamation of the Christians of his diocese, he replaced Bishop Florien during the latter's absence. Later, he was appointed titular bishop. At his death, his relics were venerated at Ceneda.

His character :

Titiane is passionate and voluntary. The enthusiasm is reflected in the eyes of this optimist. It is only by living her passion that she feels fulfilled. Enemy of the routine, she tries to break the monotony by any means. Noted for her pretty face, she also amazes by his sociability and generosity. Charming, she will always seek to please and she will succeed.

Titiane likes to command and seeks to be respected. Born leader, she is able to animate and knows how to take initiatives. Feeling a need to mother from an early age, she will act as a protective and benevolent big sister.


There is no derivation under the name Titiane.

His party :

The Titiane are celebrated on January 16th

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