Valentin Name - Origin and Names

Valentin Name - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

From the Latin valens, "vigorous, healthy".
In England, the name Valentine is given to both girls and boys. Did you know ? The city of Valenciennes owes its name to the Roman emperor Valentinian I (321-375).


There is of course ... Valentine's Day, a mysterious character! No doubt there are originally two Valentin of the end of the third century, canonized on the same date: the one priest of Rome, the other, bishop of Terni (north of Rome). We do not know much about the relationship with the lovers' day, except that, in the local tradition, this time seemed to mark the season of love among birds. For others, this saint would have married lovers in secret ...

Valentin was the name of several Roman emperors, it is also the name of the 100th pope of Rome.

For celebrities, the French hand player Valentin Porte, the French journalist Valentine Bourrat, the French actress Valentine Tessier, the car driver Valentino Rossi ...

His character :

Valentine has a big heart and is an open and friendly boy. Very enthusiastic, we find it friendly from the first meeting. Very intelligent and with a strong personality, he shows a great ease of speech and a great speed of understanding and reaction. Very sociable, he likes to be the center of attention.


Valiant, Valen, Valencia, Valentian, Valentinian, Valentino, Valentyn, Velentinian.

His party :

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th.

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