Name Ysoline - Meaning of the origin

Name Ysoline - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Greek "eusebe", which means pious, it is derived from the name Eusebian.


Not yet Ysoline known ... your future wonder?

Ysoline is celebrating with Eusebie. Saint Eusebia or Ysoie is the daughter of Saint Gertrude and the daughter of Saint Rictrude, abbess at Marchiennes, near Douai, Flanders, in the 7th century. Benedictine abbess in Marseille, she was killed by the Saracens in 731.

His character :

Ysoline is a volunteer and dynamic in everything she undertakes. Nothing can stop her when she decides to get something ... except the well-being of others because she is very anxious to please her loved ones. Always ready to have fun, she is very sociable and will make the happiness of his entourage ... family and professional.


Ysoie, Isoline, Isolina

His party :

September 20th

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