Your child 3-5 years

Authority problems: where to get help?

Authority problems: where to get help?

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During childhood, conflicts with her child are inevitable and it is not always easy to go out on their own, as parents, of certain conflict situations. Places for parents, children, associations, family therapy ... there are solutions

Parent-child home places

  • You can come for free with your child under 6 years for play time and exchanges with other parents and professionals.
  • To find the nearest to you, go to the site of family allowances (

The School of Parents and Educators

  • This association offers a wide range of parenting initiatives throughout the country: speaking groups, debates and conferences, telephone tapping and psychological support, consultations for parents and children in difficulty, child-parent reception centers, etc.
  • Infos about

Family Info Points

  • These are places of welcome, information and guidance for families. In particular, they will be able to give you the contact details of parenting support associations near you.
  • Find the map of France of Family Info Points on

Family therapy

  • When relationships with a child are really very complex, you can go for family therapy. All members of the family participate: not only the child who goes wrong or problem, but also parents, siblings, sometimes grandparents.
  • A family therapy is not a coaching of parents in difficulty, but it strongly supports them because it helps them to find the resources in them.
  • Go to to find a family therapist. Some CMPPs (Center médico-psycho-pédagogique) offer family therapies supported by Social Security.

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