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Prepare a presentation

Prepare a presentation

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"Do you know what?" I have a presentation! "This is your very enthusiastic schoolboy ... Prepare to support this great momentum so that it stays up to D-day! Here is how your schoolboy gets started in school and how to give him a boost at home.

  • Sometimes the day before, or the day before for the luckiest parents, your child asks you to do his "presentation" This work of which he himself, more often, chose the subject, triggers a great motivation to the idea of ​​doing it ... but put at the foot of the wall, it is the panic: too many ideas or not enough, too many documents, too much information on the Internet ... In short, it is towards you that he then turns to try to see more clearly.And you are on the track of beavers or Saturn with scissors, glue and colored markers, long live "exposed" evenings!

When does it start?

  • It is at CE2 that teachers begin to talk about presentation. Before, children are asked to bring to the school documents, books, photos from which they exchange. In Cycle III, this work is structured. Very often at the request of children! This activity makes it possible to verify that they have acquired the steps to find the documentation on a given subject. The presentation, which will be done initially with the teacher, will be individualized. It will become an indispensable tool in college.

In class, how long does it last?

  • The presentation usually appears when a topic in history, geography or science and technology is being addressed in the classroom. At the end of the study period, the teacher proposes to the students to make presentations on the various actors or moments of the studied subject. It will take your child a long time variable according to the method used by the teacher.
  • The presentation allows the latter to validate transversal skills (read, write, compare, write out of the time devoted to French). By offering students to work with others, he puts them in a situation of communication (listening, sharing data, the arguments of others ...) and representation in front of the whole class.

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