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Tunic sweater

Tunic sweater

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Both short and striped sweater: this model two in one will appeal to babies in the wind. Presented in the March 2009 issue of, it is knitted in place jersey, garter stitch and rice stitch for its two patch pockets.


Birth (3 months-6 months)


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Cashmere Wool" (80% wool, 20% cashmere): 1 pel. collar. Mouse, 1 pel. collar. Ecru, 1 (2-2) pel. collar. Sinbad.

Aig. # 3. 1 ea. Circular No. 3 .1 button.

Points used

Garter stitch: tric. always at the end.

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *

Jersey end. striped: * 2 rgs Mouse, 2 rows Ecru *

Rice stitch: 1st row: * 1 m. end., 1 m. approx. * 2nd rg and following rgs. : thwart the points that is to say, tric. to the end. the m. approx. and to the approx. the m. end.

Sun armholes: they are on the end. of the trav.

For dim. 1 m. : at the beginning of rg, tric. 2 m. end. then a simple overlock at the end of the rg when there is 4 m left. on the ea. left, tric. 1 simple overcast and 2 m. end. For 2 m. : early in the morning. 2 m. end. then 3 m. ens. at the end., at the end of the rg when it remains 5 m. on the ea. left tric. 1 double overlock and 2 m. end.

Simple overcasting: 1 m. slipped, 1 m. end. on which we rab. the m. crept

Double overcasting: 1 m. slipped, 2 m. ens. end. on which we rab. the m. swiped.


A square 10 cm jersey end., Aig. n ° 3 = 27 m. and 38 rgs


Back: cast on 76 (82 - 88) sts. Mouse, aig. # 3. Tric. 4 rows garter st, 2 rows stockinette st, 4 rows garter st and then 18 (18-22) sts stockinette st. striped at sun at each end, from the 1st row, every 4 rows, 5 fs 1 st. = 66 (72-78) m.

Cont. then in Sinbad: 4 rgs garter st, adding 2 sts. at each end of the first row, 2 rows of stocking sts, 4 sts garter st, then complete. in jersey end. in sun at each end ts the 4 rows 2 fs 1 m. = 66 (72-78) m.

A 10 (12-14) cm high. tot., for armholes, rab. at each end 1ft 3m. then dim. at 2 m. on each side, every 2 rows (see pts employees): 1 fs 2 m. and 3 fs 1 m. = 50 (56-62) m.

A 19 (22-25) cm high. tot., rab. the 16 (18-20) m. central and term. each side separately in rab. for the neckline 1 fs 5 m. after 2 rows.

A 20 (23-26) cm high. tot., rab. in 1 fs 12 (14-16) sts. of the shoulder.

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