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At what age do you leave him alone?

At what age do you leave him alone?

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Esquimau-DVD solo ... it's a bit that's also becoming big. At what age do you leave him alone one afternoon or one evening? The answer of Etty Buzyn, psychoanalyst.

The babysitter is failing you on a Wednesday, you have to work late and nobody on hand to supervise your child. And if you left him alone? At what age, how? The advice of Etty Buzyn.

Staying alone depends

  • Except in special cases, with trusted people nearby, it seems difficult to leave a child under 10 alone for an entire afternoon.
  • For the evening, better wait for the entrance to the college, because the night is more conducive to anxiety.
  • However, it all depends on where you live: staying alone in an isolated house is often more impressive than in a building where you know a few neighbors.
  • It must also be known that each child reacts according to his personality. Some fear to stay alone at 12, while others are perfectly able, at 9, to spend a solo evening and have a party ... especially if you took the precaution of providing a DVD and DVDs. ice cream in the freezer!

Stay alone, it's getting ready

  • It must be done gradually : we start with half an hour, then we go to an hour, etc. It is the learning of loneliness.
  • No question either to leave him alone without "tag" : plan to give him one or more phone numbers if necessary (be careful, laptops do not pick up everywhere, and your child may be anxious to find themselves in front of a messenger), tell him the forbidden (the fire, the gas, the door ...), it is a minimum.
  • A child also needs to think with him about what he's going to do all this time. You can give him ideas or instructions. It is important that he does not find himself in idleness. Doing homework, finishing a book, watching a DVD, phoning a loved one ...
  • Even if he transgresses a little, it does not matter. The important thing is that it does not stay freewheeling.

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