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Some tips before the big departure ...

Some tips before the big departure ...

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This is the departure for the holidays? If you leave for the first time with your toddler, the French Pediatric Society recalls the criteria to take into account for the safety and comfort of your child.

Which means of transport to favor?

  • The car represents the most common means of transport. However, the French Society of Pediatrics recalls certain safety principles: the car seat must be adapted to the age of your child for its comfort and safety and some objects that could become dangerous in case of sudden braking should not be placed at the rear of the vehicle. Regular hydration is also essential, as is the sun visor during hot weather.
  • If you take the train, pay attention to air conditioning that speeds up dehydration. It is important to give your child regular drinking.
  • From 3 weeks, nothing stands in the way of flights, except in case of otitis. Again, give your child plenty of water, especially during take-off and landing, to help get in and out of the air through the ears, and avoid a well-known unpleasant sensation.

How to handle hot shots?

  • During a hot strokeyour child's temperature suddenly increases and dizziness and vomiting occur. Rapid rehydration is still needed. And to lower the fever, paracetamol can be given. But it is better to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. A cream very high protection 50+, for child, is de rigueur and must be renewed, especially after each bathing.

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