Your baby 0-1 year

What games make him happy?

What games make him happy?

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Your baby puts as much seriousness and application to play as you work! Normal, it is thanks to the game that it develops harmoniously from an intellectual, emotional and physical point of view. Focus on everything he learns through his toys or games.


The ideal to awaken one's senses

  • His first toys, your baby begins to observe them with great interest. What shapes and colors! He listens, curious about the sounds they emit. He is trying to reach them with his hands, grab them. Once he holds them, he shakes them, hits them, throws them, sucks them.

He learns with his body

  • In front of a rattle, a portico or a mat of awakening, all his senses are in alerte. In the first place, the vision, not yet fully mature. By observing their elements, your baby learns to distinguish the contrasts, shapes, colors, limits of an object. When he waved it in front of his face, he tried to follow him with his eyes, thus developing his visual field, very limited in the first months. Of course, he also stimulates his touch, discovering different materials and textures with his hands. It also arouses its hearing acuity, thanks to the toys equipped with bells.
  • In terms of psychomotricity, progress is also at the rendezvous. By struggling to catch the elements of the portico, to pass his rattle from one hand to another, bring it to his mouth, he improves the precision of his gestures, perfect coordination between his hands and eyes.

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