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What baby bath toys?

What baby bath toys?

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Bathing your child is necessary to wash him, but it is also a moment of shared pleasure and complicity. Especially with toys that splash! These bath games also have a reassuring function and will be used during the training of cleanliness.

  • At first, not really need toys in the bath. The sponge you wring out to run the water on his shoulder, and your fingers that, to rinse, gently splash his belly, give him much pleasure and make him find the tenderness in contact with water. But these hand games have only one time and your baby needs to renew his pleasures and interests.
  • Since he is sitting, your toddler has much better control over his actions. He sees under the right angle the objects he wants to seize, which allows his hands to get straight to the point. Proud of this new ability, he wants to implement it at all times ... including, of course, in his bath!
  • With bath toys, he discovers that he can exercise his power over the elements. If he puts his boat on the surface of the water, it starts to float. He can make him dance by making waves with his hands. And if he fills it, the boat sinks to the bottom of the tub, like his feet. He retrieves it and discovers that it is full of water. It makes him rock and there is a little trickle of water running down his arm, his belly, his cheek ... "guili-guili" that make him burst out laughing.

Bath toys to fill up with discoveries and imitate

  • From the earliest age, your baby enjoys the company of ducks, fish and other aquatic animals, which he likes to blow, swim or even sink. Attention, splashing and watering in sight at bath time!
  • In the water, your little one exercise your motor skills: fill, pour, pour ... It's funny to play with cups or a water mill to see where the water comes from and where it flows ... even on mom!
  • Wash her doll, rinse her stuffed toy... kids love to do as their parents do. A way to better understand the world around them and, sometimes, to play down certain situations: the shampoo that stings the eyes, for example, in the bath.

In the bath: the toys containers

  • Towards 6 months, the toy-containers that you will fill to offer him new sensations: the water that falls in "deluge" of a big cube, in fine rain of a strainer, in cascade of the mouth of a duck or a dolphin ... what happiness!

Communicating vessels

  • Around 9 months, introduce toy containers, more sophisticated elements: mill or water wheel, multi-port tank ... there is no better learning ground to play cleanly with water than the bathtub. The most exciting of all experiences is probably that of communicating vessels. "I pour the contents of my big blue bowl into the little yellow tub: the water overflows, I pour the contents of my little yellow cube into the blue bowl: I can not fill it in. And these results are confirmed at every new transfer! " It is very important for your baby to see that the same actions have the same effects, it creates reassuring cues.
  • This can also bear fruit in the long run. When he begins to learn about cleanliness, he realizes, by observing the contents of his pot, that a part of himself dissociated himself from his body. It disturbs him a lot, he is afraid of seeing himself go to pieces. So he is reassured when he finds that when he empties the water of the container, it remains intact. Phew!

Floating objects

  • Without being able to imagine for a minute what drowning is, your baby is worried about the water in a confused way. He does not like you rinsing his hair, instinctively closes his eyes and pinches his nostrils when the jet of the shower approaches him. he will therefore appreciate to see that the objects float on the water, there is even this formidable turtle that can be pushed to the bottom of the bath and goes back by raising the head proudly. The water may not be so disturbing.
  • Besides, your child sees that he has some power over this liquid. If he hits the surface, he makes noise, waves ... If he blows on the boat, he can send it to hit the edge of the bath.
  • What establish a climate of trust between him and the water and help him to apprehend well this summer the pool or the sea, and a little later, to make a courageous swimmer.

Reading, why not?

  • The bath promotes relaxation and exchange, so improvise a reading session in the water! There are small soft plastic books that obviously do not fear water and allow you to have a good time.

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