Which record books in his library?

Which record books in his library?

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CD-books, it's magic! You can put them by car to spend the time or listen to them in a loop at home by looking at the pictures ... Here is our favorite selection to help you find your way among all the CD books on offer.

Which record books in his library? (12 photos)

Nursery rhymes to fall asleep, from 3 years

Lullabies for small night owls
"Listen to the sounds in the evening - in the evening they are weird - Lady Night took the colors except the gray." Pretty no? Sweet voice, wind blowing and owl that hula, flute and guitar ... it's all the world of Gibus that you find in these 7 nursery rhymes. What help your little night owl to love the night too ...
By Gibus, Didier Jeunesse, 12,50 €.
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A story and songs, from 3 years old

Bubble and Bob at school
"Tomorrow is the comeback For Bulle, it's the first time Bob, he already knows the school, but it's still a bit of adventure!" So begins this new book-disc of Bubble and Bob, fourth in the series of the same title. The songs are sparkling, the text recounted with warmth, the colorful illustrations, a book-disc essential to reassure your little anxious before the day J.
By Natalie Tual and Gilles Belouin, Didier Jeunesse, 16,82 €.

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Nursery rhymes to fall asleep, from 2 years

Nursery rhymes for dodo
Dodo, the child do, In the light of the Moon, Let's go in our beds ... a small album full of 12 nursery rhymes. To read, to hum, or to listen, they are interpreted by adults or children.
Didier Youth, 12,26 €.
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Classical music, from 5 years

The purpose of this collection developed in partnership with Radio classique? To discover and love a classical musician. Coppelia is the last gem. It's a sad story, that of old Coppelius, a clever watchmaker that everyone thought was a magician, but who suffered so much for not having a child that he had made one, a girl that he named Coppélia ... This tale is told with the soft voice of Elodie Fondacci on the music of Léo Delibes.
Gautier-Languereau, € 21.76.
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A tale, from 4 years old

Old Jack Crac
A fearsome father (he loves his daughter so much that he refuses to marry her), a brave princess, hardships ... Read or listen to this Grimm's tale told by Muriel Bloch, brilliant when her voice is hoarse to scare: "I Am poor old Jack Crac ... "
By Muriel Bloch and A. Huard, Syros, coll. Storytellers, 15,11 €.
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A story of accordion, from 4 years

Little Louise, her travels and her accordion
If you feel like sharing your love of accordion with your toddler, this story is for you! Nice metaphors around the instrument, sound effects, songs played with Marc Perrone's accordion ...
By Marc Perrone, Marie-Odile Chantran, and Olivier Latyk, Actes Sud Junior, € 19.95.
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Songs and a story, from 4 years

Head of the job
A little boy goes into photography (no offense to his friend Aurélien, who says it's bad!). It starts with Marcel Crust cheese, then the garage, the nurse ... Texts (written in the first person) and songs are funny and removed. It must be said that sizes like Juliette or François Morel are invited in this truculent gallery of portraits.
By A. Sahler and Aki, Actes Sud Junior, € 20.90.
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Nursery rhymes, from 3 years old

The 40 most beautiful nursery rhymes and songs
Mother Michel, Compère Guilleri, Brothers Jacques ... here is a classic repertoire of nursery rhymes that your child learns in kindergarten. In a row, all these voices of children and adults could exhaust you, but your toddler, he loves these fabulettes. What to make it wait in traffic jams ...
Gallimard, 15 €.
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Tales, from 3 years old

My first stories
Goldilocks, the Little Red Hen, The Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and the Seven Kids, The Little Gingerbread Man ... In total, 5 stories told in several voices, in short versions to delight your family. small.
By Christine Pompeii and Thomas Baas, Threshold Youth, 16,90 €.
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A very rock story, from 7 years old

Rockin 'Johnny
Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry ... your child will see all the legends of rock through the fugue of two little guys, Edwyn and Johnny, alongside a band of unleashed musicians. The story, very well written, the pieces chosen (tubes but also more rare extracts), and the illustrations full of energy plunge you in the America of the 50s on the roads of Tennessee.
By Eric Senabre and Merlin, Didier Jeunesse, 22,61 €.
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A lyrical fantasy, from 5 years

Spells and Carafons
This lyrical fantasy is drawn from the spectacle of soprano Gaëlle Méchaly. Another well-known soprano, Natalie Dessay, tells the stories of this little Anaïs at school, in her bedroom or at night when the monsters get out of bed ... An introduction to Ravel's opera at Rossini, quite modern and original.
Told by Natalie Dessay, and sung by Gaëlle Méchaly, Les Editions des Braques, € 17.39.
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A musical history, from 8 years

Tam and the Voice of the Dragons
Obeying his father, Tam leaves his small village of Vietnam to study. His heart broken, because he loves My Tiën ... In this tale, Tiam v the art of the bell. And we with, as original as it can be! This is the ambition of this collection of tales co-published with the Cité de la Musique, to make us listen to rare instruments. A journey into sounds, among others to discover in this collection of CD-books or at the Museum of Instruments (Paris).
By L. Urgin and M. Truong, Actes Sud, € 15.20.
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