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What products for the baby's toilet?

What products for the baby's toilet?

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Incomparable by its softness and velvety, the skin of your little one deserves the most delicate attentions at the time of the toilet. Which skincare products to use? And for his bath? Are perfumes suitable? The advice of our specialist, Dr. Agnès Gougerot, dermatologist.

Does my child need proper toiletries?

  • The skin of your baby has its specificities: a thin horny layer and a rather weak fatty film. As a result, it dries easily and becomes more permeable to the products you apply. If they are not adapted, they can weaken his skin.
  • In addition, the small child has a very large skin area compared to his relatively low body weight. It is proportionately 6 times larger than that of the adult. Also, the application of a substance on the same skin surface will not have the same consequence: its concentration will be 6 times higher in the baby.
  • Also, your baby is more sensitive to the risk of intoxication due to immature kidneys and liver.
  • So be careful! On the bench of hazardous substances: solvents such as ethanol, detergents, preservatives, certain dyes (aniline for example) ... Look at the labels!

What products for his bath?

  • It's a moment of relaxation and sweetness. Forget the aggressive surfactants, very foaming, which have a too stripping action on the stratum corneum.
  • For the cleansing step, prefer a dermatological bar with neutral pH and mild surfactants.
  • Apply it gently by hand, in limited quantities and rinse thoroughly.
  • If you want to soften the bath water, add a little whole milk. Renounce the oil that would turn the bathtub into a real ice rink.

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