What do you know about the temperature curve?

What do you know about the temperature curve?

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The temperature curve is a natural method that allows you to better know your cycle and identify the day of your ovulation. But how does it work?

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Ovulation occurs when my temperature ...



Before ovulation, the curve is usually between 36.1 ° and 36.7 ° C. This period corresponds to the maturation of the egg and lasts, on average, 14 days. This is the "first plateau". Towards the middle of the cycle, the temperature increases by a few tenths of a degree and stays above 37 ° until the end of the cycle. Ovulation occurs when the temperature rises during the "second plateau". This increase is caused by the level of progesterone that also increases in the body. It is by making this curve several months in a row that it will be the most effective, especially if you have irregular cycles.