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Questions about messaging

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Is it possible to send messages to other families?

Yes, all that is needed is for the family to be part of your contacts.

To send a private message, go to the "My Profile" page and click on "Messages" on the right. You can also go to the profile of the family you want to contact and click on "send a message".

You will now be able to enter your message. When you have finished, click on the "send" button. At no time will the recipient's email address be displayed for security reasons.

How to send and receive messages?

To see if you have received new messages, take a look at the small envelope below the login space. The information is also available on your profile page, in the right column. To access these new messages, just click.

The "Messages" folder contains all your received mails. You can read your messages, who sent them to you and when. You can also answer or transfer them. The "Sent Messages" folder contains a copy of all your sent messages.

To send a message, click on "write a message" to write to a family or "write a collective message" to write to all your contacts and / or group (s) to which you belong. then choose from the drop-down menu the recipient (s) of your message.

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