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What does the ideal stroller look like?

What does the ideal stroller look like?

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For the comfort and safety of your toddler, do not skimp on the quality of his stroller. Our advice to choose it.


  • The trend is the "stroller pack", that is to say, the stroller sold with a carrycot and a seat shell (auto) for the first months and that you can put back in position seat - reclining! - after 6 months. It's bulky, but practical to keep the same car as long as possible!


  • SThe wheels are swivel and manoeuvrable. If you live in the countryside, opt for large wheels that dampen contact with the ground and mitigate shocks related to difficult terrain. For the city, to you small wheels easy to handle on the sidewalks!


  • A fixed 5-point harness (with crotch), a removable palm rest and an adjustable footrest ensure safety and comfort for your child. Reversible face / face parent, you can better monitor, admire, entertain your traveler.


  • The stroller is lightweight and easily foldable. The volume fits the trunk of your car. The dressing is easily put in place, and the basket is large enough to contain a few races.

Anti pollution

  • She has an elevated seat to prevent your child from having his nose in the exhaust pipes.


  • Do not neglect the little "more"height-adjustable handlebar (useful for dads), folding a hand on the handlebars (handy when holding your baby in the arms), locking or unlocking the swivel wheels within easy reach hand (no need to bend at the wheels to adjust to the desired position).

Looking for the "best" baby stroller? Our advice and our selection of top strollers

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Tips +

• Check that the stroller has compatible elements, easy to install and remove to go from the car to the walk in the blink of an eye (valid for the platform and the seat shell).

• Avoid buying it at a flea market. She might not be up to standard anymore.

• Also, avoid used models that may no longer meet current safety standards and may not have been maintained properly.

• To ensure long life for your stroller, remember to regularly lubricate the wheels and bend points with a specific product.