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What's the use of the blanket?

What's the use of the blanket?

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Between your child and his blanket, it's serious! No way to fall asleep without him or to forget about the nanny. But what is the point, is it obligatory, and how old will it be? Marcel Rufo, child psychiatrist, tells us more.

What is the role of the blanket?

  • The blanket is the transitional object (This is also the name given to him by the psys) thanks to which the child can separate himself from his essential object of attachment, his mother. Thanks to this blanket, he "deviates" from his mother and supports not being with her permanently. It is an object of reassurance, hence the importance of buying a double because if the child loses it, it will be a tragedy. I also advise parents not to wash it, the smell is very important for the child.

How does the child choose his blanket?

  • In utero, the child will first suck his thumb ... Later, between 18 months and 2 years, he will really choose the object that will be his blanket: a soft toy, a handkerchief, a blanket ... Have a blanket, choose it, c is a great sign of evolution and progress. But this choice remains very mysterious! In the end, the child rarely takes the one proposed by the parents.

Is the blanket compulsory?

  • The "object" blanket it's not mandatory. Some toddlers have "psychic" comforters, they reassure themselves by "thinking" about something. For them, the blanket will be a memory, a reflection. Others will reassure themselves by always reading the same book, the same story. Parents should not worry if their child does not have a favorite stuffed animal, he is doing otherwise. It can also be the thumb or the pacifier.

How old is it to have a blanket?

  • If it is especially important between 2 and 6 years, Many of us, as adults, still have one! There is no point in trying to separate the child from his blanket ... It is he, and he alone, who will decide when he will leave him.

Should we wash the blanket?

  • That's right ... he does not always feel very good. But the odoriferous quality of the blanket gives it its full symbolic value. The older, the dirty ... the more your child will be attached to it. If you do not want your toddler chewing on this filthy thing, try negotiating a machine pass with his owner. Never do it behind his back, without warning, he will notice (to the good smell) and you will want this "treason".
  • The ideal solution is to have a replacement blanket, but it is necessary while your child has "invested" both in the same way: so he can without difficulty switch from one to the other.
  • A trick? Doubling the blanket (if it is possible) as soon as you realize that your child has set his sights on this or that object.

Stéphanie Letellier

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