Recré: nothing has changed (or almost!)

Recré: nothing has changed (or almost!)

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In a century, the school has changed, but remains a common point between the schoolchildren of yesterday and those of today: the recess! Want to take a trip back in time? That's good, the bell rang ... it's time to run to the playground!

Karine Ancelet
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Recré: nothing has changed (or almost!) (10 photos)

The marbles ... immortal!

Balls, a game that is always popular in playgrounds. It's a great classic that disappears ... then always ends up coming back into fashion. Like many recreational games, it is a way to learn and experience the rules and values ​​of adult society. Beware of the cheat! It is in the playground that the child learns to live in society. Calots, agathes, bull's eye ... what a pleasure also to collect them. We know who still have them in their drawers and yet are great children.

Chocolate guys ... vanilla girls, always up to date

For a long time girls and boys have been separated ... but now that everyone is at recess time, we often see that girls and boys have, up to a certain age, their favorite occupations and games. We mingle ... but not so much!

Hopscotch is a little piece of paradise

From "heaven" to "earth" ... it's gone for a session of bell-foot! A game that was already playing time of the Romans. His advantages ? It requires little material and teaches children to balance, improve their skills and count!

The game of elastic ... always has the spring

What technique is needed for this game! And no question of staying hooked, stepping on or jumping wrong. And one revises to the choice of the days of the week, the months of the year, the different countries ...

Recess ... it's the imagination in power

Recess is also the place of the imagination, the reign of "it looks like" ... we would make a corrida, we would be the kings of the web? It's a time to dream, escape and build a world between friends.

The rope, we jump, we jump (again)!

A real break in the school day, this time of recess allows children to move and exercise, activities beneficial to their health ... and also to find calm in the classroom. Come on, one more jump?

Secrets between girlfriends have a hard time

Difficult to live together between eight and ten hours a day. Each child also needs to be alone or with a "best friend" or a "best friend". Often, another person will find it difficult to slip into this little "couple" that allows to empty his bag and share his every secret. At the same age, we understand each other!

School, we swing ... it slips even on us!

Today, for reasons of safety, there are almost no swings in the playground, but the game still keeps its place. The courtyard is often equipped with different play areas for climbing, sliding, hiding, pedaling ... Without these amenities, children end up bored and the games of hands end in real fights.

Recess is also a lot of love ... that's why we love it!

Who has not had a lover or a girlfriend at school? Recreation is the moment of the first steps in the life of the great, in society, we learn to "become big" and the first emotions are part of it. On the other hand, better not to ask the question at home "So, how are you, your lover?" ... Respect for the secret garden!

The time of the bell ... it motivates! Come on, let's go back!

15-20 minutes of recess is short ... so you have to take advantage of it.