Recognize your child

As soon as it is born, as soon as it is declared, and your child enters your family and society. But if the status of the mother is simple, the father will have to follow, according to his relationship with the mother, a precise administrative path.

  • Your child will soon point the tip of his nose and you will have to declare after delivery at the town hall on which depends your maternity. This act is far from innocuous because it establishes the first right of the child, that of being integrated into a family.
  • For mom, it's pretty simple, she automatically recognized as the mother at birth, since the new law of July 2006. For Dad, it's more complicated and the procedure to follow depends on your status to both: married, cohabiting, pacsés ...
  • In any case, this recognition is a strong commitment for dad who officially accepts his paternity in front of society. Moreover, the emotion is often at the rendezvous in front of the birth certificate delivered by the services of the civil status! However, before you can brandish the duly completed family booklet, a tailor-made administrative journey awaits you.

The most obvious case: you are married

  • If you went past the Mayor, the process is simple. The law automatically recognizes a relationship of filiation between your husband and the child you are carrying, since the spouses are supposed to be faithful. Just wait for D-Day and declare your baby within three days of birth. In case the delivery takes place at the end of the week, you will be entitled to an additional period until the reopening of the town hall.
  • The custom today is to fill out the declaration of birth at maternity. The papers are sent to the town hall, which records the arrival of your child. There, the question arises of the surname. Since a law came into force in 2005, it is possible to give your child the name of the father, or the mother's only, or to join the two. It is better to think about the question long before birth, at rest.

The most common case: you are not married

  • The number of births outside marriage is slightly higher in France . If this is your case, know that the case is going to be tough, whether you live in common law or you are pacsés. The father will have to recognize his child voluntarily. It is prudent to do so, together or separately, even before birth, by going to any town hall with an ID.

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