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Reread the text of the day

Reread the text of the day

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Tonight, your child has in his schoolbag a text to reread for tomorrow. The opportunity to show you his progress in reading and, for you, to congratulate him! Discover how this learning is done in class and how to accompany your schoolboy at home.

  • At CP and CE1, your child has a re-reading text for the next day. He has already studied it in class or, at least, all the words that compose it. The challenge ? Become familiar with a more personal reading by soliciting memory and repetition.

When does it start?

  • From the first week in elementary school, in the form of a short sentence, a list of words with a common sound - wolf, wheel, cabbage, oven ... - or even syllables - fa, fo, fi, etc. Then, regularly several times a week with a longer text until the entire chapter of a short novel or an album at the end of CE1.

In class, how long does it last?

  • 1 hour each morning, practically, is devoted to the discovery, deciphering and understanding of a so-called reference text. Added to this thirty minutes in the afternoon in the form of written exercises, most of the time resuming reading in the morning.
  • They allow your child to appropriate new syllables or new words in different contexts of morning reading. For example, if he encounters the word "four" in the reference text, he may find it again in the afternoon in a simple cooking recipe or in the word "ant".

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