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Back to CE1: he affirms his sexual identity

Back to CE1: he affirms his sexual identity

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Thousand and one questions cross his mind. One certainty: he knows which side he belongs to. That of girls or boys. That's also the CE1!

CE1: girls with girls ...

  • From this period, your child begins to clearly state his gender identity. While he had always played indifferently with girls and boys, from the CE1 he now tends to favor same-sex friends. This is observed at the time of recess and the choice of extracurricular activities is generally marked also by this affirmed identity.

The age of "why ...?"

  • Formerly, 7 years was the age of reason. Your little student of CE1 wants to talk about serious things: he asks himself a thousand questions about his environment and the world in general. Of course, this natural curiosity existed before, but today it has more elaborate intellectual means, leading it to more abstract questions.

CE1: how to accompany it?

  • He chose as a best friend a boy a bit brutal? She elected as a great girlfriend a small girl? Even if you do not understand your child, do not interfere in his choices. He undoubtedly finds in this other an aspect of personality which helps him to build himself.
  • He holds great speeches a little naive about war and pollution? Do not put a lot of humor on his account. He does not yet have the sense of the second degree and would be hurt. Instead, try to feed his appetite for understanding by answering his questions, finding age-appropriate books on the topics that he is passionate about, to help him build his young opinions!

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