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Back to school: from the CP to the 6th ... how to accompany it?

Back to school: from the CP to the 6th ... how to accompany it?

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Passage to the CP, entry in 6th ... some receipts are symbolically more important than the others. Yet, they are all unique for your child, who takes new steps with them in their emotional development.

Back to CP: Senses at maturity

No more kindergarten years! Here is for your schoolboy time for great learning and openness to others. CP is a promising year!

I'm going back to CP.

Back to CE1: he affirms his sexual identity

Thousand and one questions cross his mind. One certainty: he knows which side he belongs to. That of girls or boys. That's also the CE1!

I accompany his return to the CE1.

Back to the CE2: cruising speed

Friendly relations are important during this year of CE2 marked by a certain serenity in terms of learning.

I accompany his return to the CE2.

Back to CM1: the class of almost big

Throughout the year of CM1, a demanding program awaits your schoolboy who will have to learn to work alone more often. This is good, he is at an age where he is sociable and well disposed!

I accompany his return to the CM1.

Back to CM2: towards autonomy

This last year of elementary school is important for your schoolboy. The CM2 will allow it to be even more autonomous and to gain momentum. He has to prove that he has all kinds of abilities to land well in college.

I accompany his return to the CM2.

Back in 6th: the big jump

After the CP, this is another big step that awaits your schoolboy: the college. If this return to the 6th is worrying for your child and for you, it will allow him to access more autonomy.

I accompany his return to 6th.


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