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Cold, flu, angina, otitis ... coping with the diseases of winter

Cold, flu, angina, otitis ... coping with the diseases of winter

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Cold, otitis, angina, flu ... difficult for your toddler to escape the diseases of winter. Discover our information and our advice to prevent and cure these childhood diseases.

Cold: when it goes together

It's crazy, this cold that does not happen! No wonder, this viral episode lasts an average of three weeks. As a child is continuously exposed to different viruses in the community, so it can chain colds! > Cold: when it comes together ... What to do?

Rhino-pharyngitis: it is essential

The leading cause of consultation in 6 months-8 years, rhino-pharyngitis is an unavoidable disease early childhood that heals spontaneously in the vast majority of cases. The point with Dr. Martine François, ENT. > The advice of the ENT.


Influenza: the little ones on the front line

In times of epidemic, one in three children is affected by the flu. From there to contaminate his nursery schoolmates or his brothers and sisters, there is only ... sneezing or contact of small hands. Take the necessary measures! > The measures to be taken.

Cold: nature remedies

Generally mild, the cold lasts less than a week and is easily treated with natural remedies. Herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage or nutrition ... try these 4 natural and effective techniques. > Nature remedies.

Diseases: Are all children equal in the winter?

In cold weather, your toddler can not get away from colds, rhinos and other ear infections ... But do you know why children are sicker in winter? And, by the way, are some babies more fragile than others? > The point with Professor Floret.

Angines with repetition: the galley!

This morning, your child woke up complaining of a sore throat. The hand on his forehead, you see that fever is at the rendezvous. Another angina? The point with Dr. Martine François, ENT. > The point with the ENT.

Baby's cold: a necessary evil

Three drops at the end of his nose. Another one of those dreaded colds that may be repeated a dozen times a year. An evil, however necessary! > The pediatrician's explanations.

Prevent winter diseases with homeopathy

This year, would you like your child not to catch cold from the first winter frost and resist the flu? This is the right time to start homeopathic protection. > Why not homeopathy?

Winter diseases: what do you really know?

Temperatures are starting to fall, announcing the return of winter and some diseases that, for your child, it is not always easy to escape. Rhino-pharyngitis, otitis, tonsillitis ... test your knowledge by taking our quiz. > Take our quiz!

Earache is earache

Earache is common throughout childhood. Provided you use the right antibiotic, it is easy to treat and does not talk about it anymore. The advice on otitis of Dr. Martine François, ENT pediatrician at Robert Debré hospital in Paris. > The advice of the pediatrician.