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Round, course, toboggan ... forward!

Round, course, toboggan ... forward!

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By playing these games, your child develops his psychomotor abilities and continues to explore his body. They are also important for socialization. Through these activities, your toddler also learns to share moments with peers and to respect a set of instructions.

The round, to accept others

  • At nursery or first year kindergarten, your toddler will first learn to do a round with these comrades. Form a group, get in a circle, give both hands to his boyfriends, it is not easy for your child who does not yet control his space well. Once the round is formed, he will learn to turn in one direction, then in the other, to the rhythm of the music.
  • The round is not just a physical activity, by giving the hand to the other, with whom we are not necessarily friends, it is also a way to learn to live together.

The route to trust

  • Creep under a tunnel, balance on a beam, jump in the hoops, run backwards ... Thanks to this safe course set up by the teacher, your toddler spends and dares to take risks to explore its limits .
  • Realizing that he can jump with his feet together in a hoop, he takes confidence in himself and apprehends his space (inside, outside, under, over, back, forward) while improving his motor skills. A course is also a beginning, a middle and an end. A way of understanding also the notion of time.

Why is he riding upside down on the toboggan?

  • At each exit to the park, it does not miss, your toddler prefers to ride on the toboggan in front. This is not to annoy you. This is mainly because it stores body information. In this way, it involves its motor coordination and balance not to fall. Same thing when he goes down his head.
  • Thanks to his acrobatics, he learns the difference between well-being and malaise: which of these positions is the most pleasant for me? Of course, his thirst for discovery does not excuse you from reminding him that he should not go back upside down if a little friend is about to come down and that he should not in any case double the others. Respect the rules, that's one of the components of the game.

Stéphanie Letellier