Midwife: all you need to know

Midwife: all you need to know

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The midwife is the specialist in physiological pregnancies. She has a five-year medical university education and can therefore monitor the beginning of your pregnancy until after delivery.

9 things your midwife can do for you

During your pregnancy, you will probably be followed by a midwife, but maybe you do not know what she can do for you ... Review before your next appointment.

Essential, midwives!

What is possible to ask a midwife?

Prescription of drugs, work stoppage, declaration of pregnancy ... are you well aware of the skills of your midwife?

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Midwife or gynecologist, who to choose?

You are pregnant ! You wonder: who will take care of you during these nine months? Gynecologist-obstetrician or midwife? In fact, everything depends on the structure in which you wish to give birth and also on your state of health.

To know before choosing.

Video: pregnant, which specialist to turn to?

Midwife, gynecologist, doula ... to each its specificity and area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. To make the right choice, listen to the advice of Francine Dauphin, midwife.

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Midwife and baby first aid

Just born, your toddler is cared for by the midwife. She gives him first aid, carries out a health check and the test for the Apgar score.

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Midwife: think about it after birth

Many mothers find the maternity stay too short to ask all their questions. As a result, when they go home with their baby, it's a little panic ... To avoid these chaotic beginnings, one solution: call a midwife.

What advantages?

Pregnancy follow-up: the strengths of midwives

If your pregnancy is safe, you can choose to be followed by a midwife. This care has many medical benefits. The explanations of Mathieu Morin, midwife.

Why choose a midwife?

Midwives and the Prado

The Prado is a service that allows you to leave maternity more quickly thanks to the follow-up of a midwife at home. How does the Prado work and who can claim it?

How to benefit?

Pregnancy follow-up: all our articles