Shopping baby at bath time

Shopping baby at bath time

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Bathtubs, deckchairs, bathrobes, thermometers and bath games ... discover our shopping selection at baby bath time and our safety tips.

Safety advice at bath time

  • Absolute prudence. Be careful, never leave your baby unattended in the water, even for a few seconds. Prepare everything you need in advance. The same instruction if you use a swim ring: it helps you to free your hands but is by no means a restraint or safety system.
  • Moderate bubbling. To make your baby feel comfortable, warm the room to 20 ° C and pour water at 37 ° C: it does not like temperature shocks. If he is reluctant anyway, shorten the session: a few minutes are enough for a good toilet. And think of playing with him, to exchange soft words and to offer him a little toy.

Baby bath: the video

Selection updated on December 5, 2017

Baby shopping at bath time (23 pics)

FlexiBath Stokke Folding Bathtub

For babies from birth to 4 years old, this foldable bathtub with a capacity of 39 liters has the advantage of being compact and transportable. It is made from materials without harmful substances (phthalates and BPA free). Dimensions: L16 x W39 x H24 cm open and L63 x W10 x H24 folded: 40.99 €. Where to find it?

Bathtub Camélé'O Beaba

For baby's safety and comfort, this bathtub has a soft, non-slip texture. We like: the support for shower head facilitating the filling and its wide edges for the transport: 39,90 €. Where to find it?

Tigex foldable bathtub

This beautiful and ultra compact collapsible tub offers a custom bath for baby, at home, on weekends and on vacation. Practical, it folds easily to follow you in your movements and guarantee baby a comfortable bath in all circumstances. Very stable, thanks to its lockable anti-slip support legs, it has a fixed crotch that offers two positions, an elongated for 0/6 months and a seat for more than 6 months. When baby is growing, just change it aside: 41,90 €. In GMS.

Tulip WaterfallTigex

This pretty waterfall tulip easy to grasp by small hands will entertain baby, stimulate his motor skills and teach him the links of cause and effect. From 12 months, when baby mastered his posture, the flower sucks the walls of the bathtub or tiles to brighten his bath and focus his attention. Thanks to its colorful wheels reacting to the runoff, she surprises baby by splashing it: 11,90 €. Where to find it?

Tigex mini bathtub

This mini tub, light (950 g), for babies from birth to 12 months, is ideal for use in small bathrooms and shower trays. Its compact shape (42 cm x 24 cm x D 63 cm), space saving, comfortably accommodates baby without encumbering the family bathroom. Its ergonomic advantage? Its integrated bath chair ensures a comfortable bath for the little ones. Installed, summer, garden side, it will also refresh baby: € 19.90. In GMS.

Angelcare bath ring

This ergonomically designed bath ring, made of lightweight and durable plastic, fits directly into the bathtub to provide maximum comfort for your baby from 6 months. Hygienic and mildew resistant, it dries very quickly and is easy to store. Available in gray, red and blue: 24,990 €. Where to find it?

Thermolight Thermometer Babymoov

Smart, the dial of this thermometer changes color depending on the temperature of the water. Blue, it's cold; red, it's hot ... blue, it's ideal! About € 26.90 (Babymoov).

Where to find it?

Babycare bath seat from Luma

Easy to clean with its rounded shapes, this bath seat can be used from birth provides a comfortable baby and optimal safety thanks to its suction cup: € 12.99. € (Luma).

Where to find it?

Angelcare bath recliner

Practical, this system is placed directly at the bottom of the bath with its non-slip base. It is provided with a perforated honeycomb surface acting as a hammock to comfortably install your baby: € 26. 3 colors to choose from. More informations

Béaba Compact Bathtub

A large capacity (24 liters) textile bath, ultra compact, foldable and light: 89,90 €. More informations

Candide 3-in-1 Knee Rest

Practical and clever, it allows you to be well installed when bathing your baby and have at hand all the necessary for his toilet. 29,90 € (Candide).

Where to find it?

Bath armchair Aquaseat Babymoov

To combine comfort and safety at bath time, an armchair with silicone seat and wide openings for baby's legs: € 49.90 (Babymoov).

Where to find it?

Bath mat Badabulle

Ultra stable with its suction cups and non-slip surface in relief, it has the advantage of being extra long (78 cm) to accommodate two children: 12.50 €. Where to find it?

Bath Thermometer and Avent Bedroom

Dedicated employment, this digital thermometer is used as well to measure the temperature of the bath water but also that of the room. It's also a fun toy!
His price : 20 €.
Where to find it?

Thermobaby Lagoon Tub

In his first months, you can bathe baby lying down, then this bath will allow him to sit to play when he grows up. 22 €. 3 colors to choose from.
More informations

Bath thermometer Badabulle

Too cold or too hot? This digital bath thermometer is thrown in the water ... to give you the answer. € 9.99.
Where to find it?

Aquanest bathtub

At the height of innovation, this bathtub is the first to maintain the water at a good temperature for 10 minutes thanks to the "Warm Diffuser System", a natural and safe heat diffuser, just pass it in the microwave (800 W - 5 minutes) and then install it in the bottom of your bath: 49.90 e (Babymoov).

Where to find it?

Bathtub Bato Hoppop

Its double wall helps keep hot water longer. Your baby will be happy to dabble! Note, the thermosensitive drain plug that changes color depending on the water temperature and lets you know when it reaches the 37 ° C: 65 € (Hoppop).

Where to find it?

Aubert Concept faucet extension

A funny accessory to transform the water coming out of the tap cascading: 7,90 € (Aubert).

Where to find it?

Aquarium bath visor

Ideal to protect your baby's eyes from water or soap, this visor is also very funny. 6,90 e (Aubert Concept).

Where to find it?

Bathrobe Sauthon Baby Deco

Pretty bathrobe velvet sponge: 62,90 €. Where to find it?

Frog bath thermometer from Bébé Confort

Very easy to use, this small aquatic animal floats on the water ... and displays very quickly (and precisely) the temperature.
His price : 14,90 €.
Where to find it?

Patrull Bathmat by Ikea

Playful with its silhouette of nice green monster, this rug is also practical because it avoids accidental slips in the bathtub. It has two suction cups to keep it in place.
His price : 8,50 €.
Where to find it?

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