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Learn about writing

Learn about writing

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Small "fly paws" and other scribbles still discourage reading. A beautiful writing is important, and it starts ... small hands. Here's how your child learns writing in class and our tips for helping them at home.

  • Learning to write is not just about writing letters. It is a long journey that starts in kindergarten through graphic activities, then continues throughout Cycle II by keeping the notebooks.

When does it start?

  • Write requires maturation physiological and nervous just in place between 5 and 6 years for the majority of children. However, from the small kindergarten section, a multitude of graphic activities are offered to your child to promote this skill later.
  • This learning will continue until the end of Cycle II at CE1 and will be maintained throughout Cycle III. The teacher must be vigilant, even for the older ones, so that the child remains demanding vis-à-vis the quality of his writing.

In class, how long does it last?

  • Your child writes daily, throughout his elementary school years. The volume is increasing every year. Until CE1, learning to write provokes the setting up of real learning sessions on the control of the gesture and not simply the reproduction of letters or words.

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