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Take an interest in reading

Take an interest in reading

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The appetite for reading comes ... by reading of course. Do not hesitate to put BD and mangas on the menu, and support his efforts of more difficult readings. Find out how he gets started reading in class and how to help him at home.

  • If reading is the goal of Cycle II, developing a taste for reading is Cycle III. For some children, books and reading are already part of the familiar landscape. For others, reading a book is an exercise they do with their teacher and classmates. The objective pursued is not limited to this reading. It is important for the child to become an independent reader and, why not, passionate! The exercise of personal reading must be habitual for him.

When does it start?

  • Upon entering kindergarten, your child discovers books and reading. He reads books, manipulates them, borrows them. At CP, the acquisition of reading makes her take a fresh look at books. He chooses what he wants to read, he is able to reread the stories he knows by heart. At CE1, reading becomes more usual. He discovers longer texts, small novels, but it is still a guided reading, advised by the teacher.
  • In cycle III, the teacher proposes a "reading route", ambitious, varied, which allows the meeting of different literary genres. Communicating the desire to read and bring a beginning of literary culture are part of its objectives.

In class, how long does it last?

  • A weekly sequence of about 45 minutes is offered to children. It will be organized around a more or less long work (poem, short story, novel, play). It is important that this work be covered in a reasonable time.
  • In the margin of this approach of texts Literary and follow-up readings (see our fact sheet "Make a reading followed"), the teacher organizes various activities to introduce children to other facets of reading.

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