Organic baby care: our selection

Organic baby care: our selection

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Sweet almond, orange blossom, chamomile, lime water, safflower oil ... for the toilet and care of your baby, you are looking for organic products? Yes, but which ones to choose? Discover our selection of organic baby care.

Organic baby care: our selection (8 photos)

High tolerance

Enriched with surgras and vitamin E, without soap, it cleans, nourishes and soothes. Dermatological bread surgras Instant tenderness: 5,80 € (BB com Bio).


This blend of sweet almond oil, sesame and calendula cleans gently and prevents dryness. Washing cream body and hair: 6,55 € (Weleda).


Floral water of chamomile, sweet almond, aloe vera, essential oil of lavender, vegetable glycerine ... this delicate bubble bath releases soothing scents. Dream of foam, cleaning gel: 13,90 € (The Senses of the flowers).


Not only does it protect against external aggressions, but it soothes red buttocks and lends itself to a delicious massage. Fluid welfare babies Fairy Luzette: 16.50 € (Douces Angevines).


The combination of donkey milk with verbena water, orange blossom, chamomile, shea butter prevents or calms the irritated buttocks. Baby caress cream: 19,50 € (Câlinesse).


Hypoallergenic, with aloe vera moisturizing and protective, it cleans the hair without stinging the eyes Shampoo baby and adults: € 4.95 (Mixa baby bio).


Its formula olive oil + lime + vitamin E prevents and soothes irritation without the need to rinse. Oleocalcary lily: 5,95 € (Biopha baby).


This moisturizing and nourishing treatment is made of shea butter, olive oil and safflower and delicate skins. Cocoon nature cream moisturizing face and body, Organic baby: 9,80 € (Sanoflore).