Solidarity before the holidays!

Solidarity before the holidays!

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Period of sharing and exchange, the end of year celebrations are also an opportunity to be in solidarity with those who need it. Here are 4 ideas to be generous.

1) Place toys in La Grande Récré stores

  • Until December 24, the association of the big brand of toy stores The Grande Récré for Childhood your offers to bring to the stores toys that your children no longer use for rehabilitation and redistribution to underprivileged children or associations working in the child welfare sector. The opportunity to do some sorting in the crate of toys for your little one ... In 2018, 132,000 toys have materialized the dreams of children!

2) Think Unicef

  • Colorful gift bag, lots of labels, adhesive tape illustrated ... Multiple accessories are available on the Unicef ​​website to pack the gifts of the whole family in style while supporting a good cause. The sale of these products will fund and expand education programs around the world.
  • This year, Unicef ​​also offers a solidarity shop to offer gifts that make sense and that concretely help to help poor children.

3) Buy books to offer meals

  • 13 at the table! This is the name of an operation carried out in partnership by the Restos du coeur and Pocket editions since 2014. A book of unpublished news to read or offer and whose total profits will be donated to the association. For 5 years, more than 4 million meals have been offered through this initiative. The book costs only 5 € and the news this year 2019 are signed Michel Bussi, Philippe Besson, Françoise Bourdin, Karine Giebel, Leila Slimani, Alexandra Lapierre, Yasmina Khadra, Agnès Martin-Lugand ...

4) Help the green Santa Claus

  • For 40 years, from the beginning of December, Green Fathers of the Secours Populaire come into action. Children, families, the elderly, migrants, victims of bad weather and natural disasters ... will receive packages to celebrate Christmas in dignity. Deposit of merchants at the merchants, organization of collections in supermarkets, purchase of solidarity gifts, organization of activities for the holidays ... Green Christmas Fathers are very active. Support them!

Karine Ancelet