Get out of maternity earlier thanks to the Prado

Get out of maternity earlier thanks to the Prado

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The Prado is a service that allows you to leave maternity more quickly thanks to the follow-up of a midwife at home. How does the Prado work and who can claim it? Our explanations.

What is the Prado?

  • The Return home program was introduced by Health Insurance in 2010 and allows mothers to return home sooner after delivery, followed by a midwife.

How does the Prado work?

  • This service is offered to expectant mothers from the 8th month of pregnancy. A health insurance adviser offers mothers who have given birth vaginally and without complications, in agreement with the doctor, to be put in touch with a liberal midwife. The goal: to allow them to stay in the maternity ward for a shorter time (three days maximum) thanks to a follow-up at home. If the young mother agrees, the midwife will come the day after the release to her home, then a second time within twelve days. This service is 100% supported.

Who benefits from this service?

  • The Prado first benefits the young mother who finds his family cocoon more quickly after giving birth. There are many who find the time long in a series of diapers. But the maternities also have every interest in encouraging the Prado to shorten the stay maternity mothers since they receive Social Security the same amount that the patient is hospitalized two or six days ...
  • The midwife accompanies the young mother in the realization of baby first aid, the monitoring of her health, advises on crying, the sommail ...

Can all young mothers benefit from the Prado?

  • Yes, since 2012, this service has been generalized throughout the country. Can benefit women over 18, who have not had complications during their pregnancy, having delivered vaginally a first child born at term. It is also necessary that the baby does not encounter any problem to feed.
  • You can not benefit? Remember that all mothers are entitled to their return home, two postnatal follow-up sessions reimbursed 100% by the Health Insurance, if they are carried out between the 8th day and the 12th day after the delivery. They can take place at home or in the office. Enjoy!

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