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Say mama, you help me for my poetry? And there dad, how am I doing for my division? "At home, your child sometimes needs a little help.Two teachers have concocted you with the most up-to-date factsheets to get you back on track and help your schoolboy effectively.

Our support sheets in Large section

Although it remains a kindergarten class, the big section begins a new cycle: cycle II, fundamental learning. Distinguish the sounds of the French language, learn about writing, recite poetry ... discover what your schoolboy is learning at school and how to help at home.

Our big section sheets.

Our school support sheets at CP

That's it, your schoolboy has left the world of kindergarten! Here he is, a pupil among others more numerous and especially taller. Initiation to writing, dictation of words, mental arithmetic ... here is everything your schoolboy will do in class. How's it going ? How to help? Our practical sheets.

Our CP cards.

Our school support sheets at CE1

Grant in the nominal group, add with a restraint, start in English ... he learns things from CE1 your schoolboy! How does one go about it? How to support your child at home?

Our cards CE1.

Our school support sheets at CE2

Place to cycle III, that of deepening. As its name indicates, it is the moment for your schoolboy to deepen his knowledge, but also to discover new lessons. Let's see what awaits him and how to give him a boost at home, for presentations for example.

Our cards CE2.

Our school support sheets at CM1

Your child has grown up, he is more thoughtful. The CM1 will allow him to become more autonomous and more responsible in his work. Mental calculation, agreement in the nominal group, division ... how does it go in the classroom and what is the boost at home? Our practical sheets.

Our CM1 cards.

Our school support sheets at CM2

This is an important step that prepares your child for entry into the 6th grade. Reading, research, history frieze, multiplication ... discover everything your child does in class and follow our tips to accompany him home.

Our CM2 cards.

These sheets were produced with the collaboration of Denis Sauvage, teacher of schools, master trainer, and Sylvie Gasset, teacher of schools, specialist of children in school difficulties.

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