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Story Enjoy the stories app

Story Enjoy the stories app

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Your child or grandchild loves stories ... So film yourself telling a story, the child will open his "Story Trunk" to see you in a corner of the screen and listen to you as soon as he wish it! When parents are away or grandparents too far away.

Your child or grandchild loves stories... especially when they are told by those they love and who are not necessarily next to them.

So film yourself telling a story, the child will only have to open his "Trunk to stories"to see you in a corner of the screen, browse the pages and listen to you, at any time and the number of times he wants!

For parents who come back late, for grandparents and cousins ​​who are too far away ... Enjoy Story offers moments of joy in families around the world. Video amplifies emotions, keeps and transmits, it is a meaningful alternative to cartoon.

Editorial - March 2019

How it works ? Enjoy Story in practice

• A very simple application of use : create your account, choose the digital book that you like, name the little one to whom you want to read it and ... 3, 2, 1 it's up to you to tell the story! The child will enjoy his story as often as he wants.

• A rich and scalable library : a library of carefully selected digital books, age-rated and regularly enriched. Story Enjoy works with different editors such as Ocean Edition, The Fish Workshop Soluble, Cache-Cailloux ...

• Offers : 3 packs of stories to record are available. 3 stories for 15 €, 10 stories for 29 € and an unlimited number of stories for 49 € per year. The little ones will be able to look at them without limit.

Who to advise Story Enjoy? An app for the whole family

• Moms and dads who will be reassured to know that a small part of them is with their child when sometimes they have to return late at night.

• Grandparents happy to have fun while telling stories.

• Uncles and godmothers enthusiasts who finally find an original and personalized gift.

• To cousins teases who find it too funny to film themselves and take advantage of it to make funny faces!

Learn more about Story Enjoy

Enjoy Story is an innovation born of a mother, Caroline, installed far from her family and frustrated that her little boy can not have the joy of seeing his relatives tell him stories. Aware that families are moving away and not having the same moments available, she imagines the idea of ​​being able to overcome this need to transmit, share and cultivate the family bond. In 2016, it's gone, she dares, surrounded by two associates who look like her, write her story and that of Story Enjoy.

► Discover Story Enjoy by telling a story offered, it's here!