Name Jean-Baptiste - Meaning of origin

Name Jean-Baptiste - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

First name composed of John (from the Greek "yohanan", God gave grace) and from Baptist (from the Greek "baptizein", to immerse, to baptize).


Jean-Baptiste Lully, violinist, dancer and French composer who particularly influenced the European music of the seventeenth century.

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin is the real name of Molière. Dramaturg, actor and conductor of French theater, Molière obtained the celebrity with the play "Les Précieuses Ridicules" in 1659.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier is a French actor and singer ("Les Choristes").

Saint John the Baptist is the one who announced the coming of Christ and who baptized him.

St. John Baptist de La Salle, priest of Rheims, had at heart the human and Christian education of poor children. He is the founder of the Christian Schools, died in 1719.

His character :

Jean-Baptiste is what can be called a bon vivant. Always ready to laugh and enjoy life, it's a real ray of sunshine and you rarely get bored with it. He will always have a pleasant presence and will be seen as a caring person without being too serious. Jean-Baptiste can also be responsible when the situation requires it. Since he never judges people, he is trusted when it comes to finding comfort or seeking advice.


Baptiste, Jean, John and Juan.

His party :

The day of John the Baptist is June 24, in honor of St. John the Baptist.

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