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Tablets, smartphones ... They love!

Tablets, smartphones ... They love!

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The Orange-Terrafemina Observatory looked at the use of digital tablets and other smartphones by children under 12 years old. Not surprisingly, they are more and more skilled with these tools, and earlier and earlier, and their parents live it rather well.

Will the future generation be unbeatable with digital tools? To believe the results of the Orange-Terrafemina Observatory, it takes the way. Indeed, two-thirds of homes are equipped with smartphones and almost a third of digital tablets and children under 12 are already very comfortable with these tools:

  • 30% use the tablet frequently of their parent and use it almost as well as adults and 41% know how to "use it well enough".
  • Same for the smartphone of the family: 43% use it frequently or from time to time. Only 31% never use it.
  • Reading lights, or ebook, are also a great success: 67% use it frequently or occasionally.

Digital, an asset for the future?

  • Far from being worried76% of parents say that it is good that their children are becoming familiar with these new digital tools sooner and 50% see them as an asset for their future because it gives them access to information that did not have other generations.
  • Logically, 38% of them have even bought an application for their child, mainly a game (84%), rather than an educational application (46%).

Digital tablets at school?

  • The parents Would they find it desirable to develop digital tablet learning within the school by replacing textbooks used today? Yes, they answer 53%!

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