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Tarzan, movie star

Tarzan, movie star

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Let's say it all, this new Tarzan is not our favorite ... But the myth of the wild child raised by the monkeys continues to subjugate your children. So, for lack of stuck this average version in the cinema, you can spend an old Tarzan on DVD during the holidays ...

  • Tarzan is a myth, like King Kong or Dracula. It is part of our collective imagination, our childhood. This hero fascinates by his strength, his loyalty and his respect for nature and animals.
  • It was created in 1912 by an Englishman, Edgar Rice Burroughs who has written, in more than 25 volumes, his adventures. This means that writers do not lack material ... A constancy in the hundred adaptations comics, movies, cartoons ...: a small child, the only survivor of a drama, is collected by monkeys and becomes the master of the jungle.

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  • From 6 years old. Tarzan, by Reinhard Kloss, German (2014)
  • His look : With its Marshmallow look, the Tarzan on the bill seems to come straight out of the Sims game.
  • The circumstances of the drama: little Tarzan is the only survivor of a huge cataclysm caused by his overly ambitious father: John Greystoke, then president of Greystoke Energy. Tarzan will happily be collected by a female gorilla, Kala, and become stronger each day in this dangerous jungle. Until the day he meets for the first time Jane Porter, on mission with his father, anthropologist ...
  • What we think about it: alas, graphics in computer graphics is naughty. So why are children hooking? Because it's Tarzan - a hero, a legend - and that the film, rather poor in its scenario, releases a certain strength: the monkeys, even very ugly, are impressive ...

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