Tattoo, alcohol ... when children clink!

Tattoo, alcohol ... when children clink!

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Sad law of series for American children. While a 26-year-old man was banned from contact with his 3-year-old adopted son after tattooing him on the shoulder, at the same time the waiter at a restaurant in Detroit served a alcoholic cocktail instead of an orange juice to a baby of 15 months. Hospitalized, this one could be saved. (News of 15/04/11)

A tattoo at 3 years old

  • "DB", for "Daddy's Boy"That's what 26-year-old Eugene Ashley Stonner tattooed on the shoulder of her 3-year-old adopted son, Matthew Ashley. The man, who pleaded guilty, explained that he did not remember his act because that night he had been drinking.
  • They are social workers who discovered the tattoo on the child by visiting the family. Yet the mother of the child knew about it because her son had told her, "Mom, I have a tattoo." She then asked him to wash it and he said, "I can not, it's a real ", relates MailOnline. It is now the uncle of the child who is responsible for him.

A margarita instead of orange juice

  • An error of inattention that could have been fatal! In Detroit (USA), a waiter at a restaurant served a margarita to a 15-month-old boy when he thought it was orange juice. It was the mother of the child who realized this by tasting the drink of his son after he fell asleep on the table.
  • Hospitalized in emergency, the little boy is now out of danger, even if he had at the time of admission a high blood alcohol level.
  • The manager The institution immediately apologized, saying that an investigation would be conducted to find out how such an error had occurred.

In France also !

While at Mc Donalds with his 2-year-old daughter, a father from Saint-Etienne discovered a sachet of powdered bleach in his Happy Meal. Fortunately, the child did not have time to swallow but was still taken to the hospital as a precaution. An investigation was opened to determine if there was "a mistake of manipulation" or if it "is a voluntary act", specified the floor office.

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