Your child 5-11 years

Does he need a dental appliance?

Does he need a dental appliance?

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With the appearance of his permanent teeth, you worry: will they be put away alone or not? Depending on its age and the profile of its dentition, specialists will advise you on different solutions.

From the very first appointment at the dentist to the implementation of an orthodontic treatment to make him straighten teeth: here are the main steps not to neglect to allow your child to enjoy life ... toothy.

Around 5-6 years, the caries hunt is open ...

  • Make an appointment with the dentist or orthodontist. The former may administer some basic care himself or speak to an orthodontist. The latter is a specialist in the prevention and correction of misplaced teeth, having four years of further university training in the field. Both of them will probably discourage you from getting a device to your child right away.
  • "Before the age of 7, he is not mature enough yetexplains Camille Melki, orthodontist. In addition, it is better to wait until his baby teeth have fallen and replaced by the final ones. "
  • Nevertheless, a visit is advised to examine the mouth of your child and check for cavities. If necessary, treatment is required. The most common is amalgam (the filling) or a composite cement with the same color as the tooth.
  • Sometimes the dentist will offer you to fill the deep furrows, natural fissures that exist on the surface of the permanent teeth. Inaccessible to the toothbrush and real food traps, they represent a favorite ground for cavities.
  • Quiet your child : it is a painless technique of collage that does not require the use of devices such as strawberry or roulette, that dread so small ... and big!

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