Pull your tongue to the doctor

Pull your tongue to the doctor

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Pregnant, the observation of your language is an excellent indicator of your general condition and a possible beginning of track to detect any deficiencies

Far from being a trivial gesture, pulling the tongue to your doctor sometimes says a lot about your state of health and that of your pregnancy.

A burning tongue

  • A very red tongue, a little swollen ... for your doctor, it is undoubtedly the sign of a deficiency in iron. During pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia is not unusual. Your red blood cells must ensure your own needs, but also the development of the placenta and the formation of the blood mass of your future baby. This "overactivity" requires a need for iron two and a half times larger. To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor will ask for a blood test and, if the anemia is proven, will prescribe appropriate treatment.

A tongue too white

  • It is normal that a thin white layer covers your tongue, but if it is too important, your doctor will suspect a fungal infection due to a microscopic mushroom, candida albicans. Naturally present, it sometimes benefits from hormonal changes or the slight decline in immune defenses caused by pregnancy to multiply.
  • To prevent it from spreading, consult the doctor who will prescribe antifungal treatment, associated with mouthwashes, having no undesirable effects on your future baby.

A painful tongue

  • Your tongue hurts ... talk to the doctor. He will examine it even more carefully, looking for a possible vitamin B deficiency. Pain associated with a smooth tongue may be a sign that you are missing vitamin B9, or folic acid, which is very important during pregnancy. among others to prevent anemia.
  • If your taste buds are swollen and the tip of your tongue sore, he will suspect vitamin B6 deficiency. True "fertilizer" for your baby since it promotes the development of the brain, this vitamin also has a beneficial effect on the nausea of ​​the first months and on vomiting.
  • In either case, your doctor will prescribe supplementation, probably after a small blood test.

Bad breath

  • Getting your tongue out ... is a good way for the doctor to check your breath very closely. sometimes associated with small black spots on the tongue, bad breath, or halitosis, is a sign of imperfect dental hygiene. During pregnancy, hormones have the same congesting effect on the oral mucosa as on the rest of the body. Hypersensitive, your gums require an even more rigorous hygiene to avoid any risk of gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding gums) and, eventually, caries.
  • Careful brushing associated with daily mouthwashes, a small visit to the dentist ... here is the solution so that the adage "a baby, a tooth" is not confirmed!

Pull out your tongue ... but not no matter how!

A "good" examination of the language is preferably near a window, in the light of day ... so that it shows its true color. The doctor will ask you to pull his tongue for 15 to 20 seconds, no more and without excessive force. If you pull your tongue too long or too strongly, it can again change color and falsify the diagnosis. If necessary, he will ask you to start the exercise again, after a few minutes of rest, but usually a simple glance suffices him.

Karine Ancelet